The Human Factor in the Logistics Sector

In today’s world, where information is easily and readily available, the most important differentiator between companies rests with employees and their performances.

Psychology is intertwined with human resources. When individual behaviors are taken into consideration, employee motivation soars. In addition, happy working environments consistently prove crucial to the formation of healthy company cultures.

In the logistics sector, where turn-over rates are typically high, it is essential that individual problems are listened to and addressed in order to keep employee performance and motivation at the highest level. Employee emotions are especially significant in a sector that demands flexible working hours and a great deal of care.

Some blue-collar workers, especially intent on changing jobs in the sector, often feel they undervalued. They believe that their opinions have less credence and that their main objectives are merely to do what is asked of them.

The ideas, suggestions and complaints of employees in the entire sector must be taken into consideration. When employees feel that they are part of the company, they act with a sense of belonging and motivation that contributes to its success.

At Fevzi Gandur Logistics, our investments are based on human resources. We make concerted efforts to provide a fruitful working environment for our employees by promoting both their personal and career development.

The Best Employer in the Sector!

Receiving the Best Employer award has validated and re-enforced the success of our corporate philosophy and the care which we invest in our employees. Fevzi Gandur Logistics was recognized as one of Turkey’s best employers by the Great Place to Work organization in both 2017 and 2018. We are proud to be the only company to receive this award in the logistics sector and we are determined to continue creating a successful and happy working environment for our employees.