ECCD - Express Cargo

As Fevzi Gandur Logistics, we provide Express Service with our Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration (ECCD) license. We reduce the processing time for exports with a value of less than 15 Thousand Euros and a weight of 300 kilograms with our express service and provide cost and time advantage to exporters.

We send airfreight exports that do not exceed the cost and weight limits as courier shipment within the scope of the ECCD rules without the need for a declaration opened by customs brokers and consultants and registration by exporters unions.

Accelerating Export Processes

As Fevzi Gandur Logistics, we complete the customs clearance process without the need for a power of attorney with our Fast Cargo Operator title. We ensure that our customers are exempt from storage fees by ensuring that export processes are completed more quickly. In this way, exporters can also benefit from VAT refunds.

We ensure that our customers save extra costs such as customs brokerage, storage, airport goods acceptance, and exporters union registration fees. As processes go much more quickly and safely, exporters also acquire a competitive advantage.

How Does The Process Work?

We start the express cargo process by first collecting the cargo into our warehouse at Istanbul Airport.Then we obtain the information that we need to declare from our customers. We complete electronic customs declaration process and deliver your export products to airline terminal directly.

We provide express & courier services for many countries including the United States, Arab countries, Russia, Korea, Japan, and China in particular. Thanks to our strong infrastructure and wide agency network in many regions of the world, we ensure that express process goes smoothly. As a Courier Operator, we also offer services to e-commerce companies, exporters sending samples, and companies and individuals with small shipments.

What Is ECCD?

ECCD is a practice in customs procedures of incoming/outgoing goods by mail or air transport and all transactions related to the customs declaration are carried out electronically. The ECCD declaration is made by authorized operators on behalf of buyers and shippers.

What Are The Advantages of ECCD?

  • The exporter does not pay customs brokerage and storage fees.
  • No Exports Union registration is required.
  • You do not need to give a power of attorney to any person or organization for transport.
  • You do not have to deal with the paperwork involved in conventional declaration process.
  • You can receive VAT refunds for your shipments.

Service Offer

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