The Importance of Working with Local Leaders in Global Logistics

Agency networks play an essential role in the logistics sector and in air transport. They increase both service quality and competitiveness in the sector. It is therefore essential that companies pay attention to reliability and problem-solving at the local level.

Fevzi Gandur Logistics consistently gives importance to local and global relations, enabling us to carry out transport operations from Europe to the Far East and from Africa to America. Our strong network relationships allow us to act with the necessary local expertise all over the world.

Local Experience Value!

Local experience is too valuable not to harness for companies unfamiliar with a given region or country. Fevzi Gandur Logistics works with local leaders in order to extend its global reach. By doing so, we’re able to work internationally more easily and to provide better services for our customers.

In air transport, for example, while Fevzi Gandur Logistics can transport airfreight from and to Europe and the Americas, we are currently very active in the Far Eastern markets. Through our membership in the International Air Transport Association (IATA), we are able to transport directly on all commercial airlines and notably serve the automotive and textile sectors.

Investing in Technology and People

Carrying a load from one point to another is only half the story. As a company, we believe that investing in software is key to managing operations effectively. By on-boarding SalesForce and Siber ​​Software infrastructures, we have invariably streamlined and improved our processes.

It is also essential that we respond quickly to air and sea transportation demands in order to meet our customers’ needs. We therefore assembled a pricing team to provide advantageous price offers to our customers within a very short frame of time.