Domestic Logistics and Distribution

Fevzi Gandur Logistics recognizes that its own customers are often subject to increasing—sometimes overwhelming—requirements from their customers. We relish the ability to enhance our customers’ competitveness by providing logistical services of the highest caliber. Fevzi Gandur Logistics ensures timely procurement, fast transit periods and efficient delivery performance. Our services are managed with the Oracle Transportation Management system, providing support to all 81 provinces in Turkey within our wide supplier portfolio. Furthermore, our 24/7 customer service team is trained to address domestic problems whenever, wherever they may emerge.


We define success by the ability to ensure delivery of our customers’ products in a fast and cost-effective manner, without incurring damage. That’s precisely why proof of delivery certificates—evidence for accurate and damage-free deliveries—are submitted both digitally and in printed form for each delivery. Furthermore, all transports performed by our company are insured under the Turkish Commercial Code.

We offers domestic transportation services including cold chain, partial, micro distribution, as well as warehousing and handling. Our transportation capacity boasts a vehicle park of over 107,000 vehicles with digital platforms. We also offer dual regime transportation services with the required telemetry systems enabling our customers to access online temperature and vehicle position information.

Cold Chain Transportation

Cheese, milk, chicken, fish and similar products must be transported at correct temperatures without breaking cold chain stages. We promise nothing less than to deliver said products to consumers in the healthiest and safest way possible.

We carry the shipments of our customers, primarily in the food, health and chemical industries, to their destinations fully or partially, in accordance with different temperature ranges between +25 / -25 degreees.

Our vehicles also offer dual regime transportation services with the required telemetry systems enabling our customers to access online temperature and vehicle position information.

Partial Transportation

Fevzi Gandur Logistics provides a 24/7 partial distribution service across Turkey through hubs and distribution points. As always, we execute our services in a fast, trackable and cost-effective manner.

Our Advantages;

  • Scheduled delivery table
  • Online order management and load tracking
  • Insurance
  • Specialist and professional warehouse/transportation staff
  • Reasonable cost

Service Offer

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Dedicated Micro Distrubiton and Chain Market Transportations

We give service from domestic warehouses and production centers to retail chain markets by our micro distrubition solutions. We have in our portfolio Turkey’s largest chain markets, local markets, retails and fashion brands and food distrubitors.

Our Advantages;

  • Driver Management
  • Route Management and Optimisation
  • No need to make asset investment
  • Remove unclear fuel costs
  • Cost Advantages

Warehousing and Handling

Our Profession;

  • Food Logistics
  • Automative and Spare Parts Logistisc
  • Retailing
  • Chain Markets

Domestic Logistics and Distrubition Priveleges:

Contract Logistics


Temperature Controlled Transportation


Chain Markets Distrubition


Full Truck Transportaion


Parcial Transportation


Incity delivery with dedicated fleet