Environment Friendly

Environment Friendly & Sustainable Logistics

As with all vehicles that use fossil fuel, vehicles used in logistics activities are unfortunately damaging the environment with their carbon emissions. Especially the increase of CO2 and methane gases in the atmosphere raises the temperature of the earth’s surface and triggers global warming.
At the same time, the increase in air and environmental pollution significantly reduces the quality of life of people.


As Fevzi Gandur Logistics, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. We run all our logistics processes with respect to the environment and care to protect the resources for future generations. While planning our business processes, we always focus on using energy efficiently and minimizing our carbon footprint. In addition to our investment planning, we also select the vehicles in our fleet in this direction and regularly develop our employees on environmental awareness.

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint means carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere due to the energy use of individuals and institutions. The unconscious use of fossil fuels and the energy we consume in the daily process are the main reasons for the emergence of greenhouse gases that cause global warming.


As a requirement of our environmental responsibility, we monitor and control our carbon footprint regularl, thus, we try to minimize the harm to the environment and we regularly organise planting activities with our employees every year.

Environment Friendly Fleet Of Vehicles

Operating with vehicles that have exhaust emission reducing specialities, is one of the most important elements to reduce CO2 emissions for road transportation. In order to reduce carbon emissions in our international road transportation and domestic distribution activities, we started to switch all vehicles in our fleet to Euro6 motor vehicles.


We also care that the rental-contracted vehicles have these features. By this way, we can keep the emission values at the lowest level.

Green Warehouses

As Fevzi Gandur Logistics, we respect the environment not only in our transportation activities but also in our business lines that create added value such as storage.


We also make maximum use of daylight both in our warehouse at Büyükçekmece and at Istanbul Airport, and we prefer energy saving products in lighting systems.

Green Offices

We make maximum use of daylight in our head offices in Istanbul, regional offices in Izmir, Bursa, Ankara and Gaziantep and carry out recycling and waste management activities.