E-Commerce Logistics and Fulfillment Services

One of the most important stages of e-commerce operations is logistics services. Problem-free delivery of ordered products to the end consumer requires professional planning and applications. The perfect and fast operation of all processes is possible with integrated logistics solutions.

As Fevzi Gandur Logistics, we simplify your business and provide time and cost advantages with our fulfillment services we offer for the e-commerce industry. In this way, while you focus on increasing your business volume and growing your sales, we carry out all your logistics processes.

Effective Stock and Product Management

We offer a complete e-commerce logistics and fulfillment service, both for international and domestic e-commerce platforms. We use our warehouse at the airport for storing, handling, and performing value added services for these products, including stock acceptance, to quality control, barcoding, delivery. Our airport warehouse is the ideal location for these services in terms of security, proximity to markets, and immediate access to flights.

By running the flow between the supplier and the consumer centrally in a professional way, we fulfill the entire e-commerce process completely. In addition to our strong technological infrastructure compatible with the dynamics of e-commerce, our colleagues made up of experts in their fields form the basis of our quality service understanding.

Fulfillment Services, E-Logistics and Productivity

We fulfill all our responsibilities to deliver a product ordered on the web to the right address and person at the right time. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we prioritize efficiency in all operations between the supplier and the product. We ease your workload by approaching e-commerce from an e-logistics perspective.

Services we render in this respect are:

  • Stock acceptance
  • Quality control
  • Product barcoding
  • Stock follow-up
  • Order collection
  • Invoice/Waybill Printing
  • Order packaging
  • Adding promotional materials and inserts
  • Delivery to the shipping company
  • Acceptance of returns, their control and reentering to the stocks

Service Offer

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