Our Policies


Logistic activities may present a risk to the environment. In light of this, we prefer to use Euro5 trucks in our fleet in order to minimize environmental damage. In addition, we strive to ensure that the leased and sub-contracted vehicles we use in our operations also meet our environmental protection standards.

Furthermore, we act in compliance with environmental requirements in order to minimize our carbon footprint in the transportation projects we carry out. Fevzi Gandur Logistics also contributes to afforestation by underplanting at certain times of the year.


Our main objective is to find the most effective logistics solutions despite problems that may occur due to poor transport infrastructure or environmental/climate issues. We prioritize quality when carrying out our work while trying to provide the best and most accurate service with ISO9001 and ISO / IEC 27001 quality certificate in all our business liabilities.

Information Security

We consider corporate information to be one of our most valuable assets. We give the utmost attention to the protection of personal data and use said data only in when required and permitted. Fevzi Gandur Logistics educates its employees and establishes official protocols in order to raise awareness of the importance of information security while continuously reviewing our technological infrastructure against potential risks.


Honest communication is the starting point for success, which is why understanding the opposite party and being understood is one of the on which our company philosophy is built. The sincere and transparent communications we establish with our customers, employees and suppliers strengthens our brand, and we apply that same approach to our media and branding endeavors.


We believe that honesty in business fosters mutual trust and we engage with our customers while acting in accordance with that principle at all times. Our reliability is consistent precisely because we adhere to ethical principles of honesty in all business processes. Fevzi Gandur Logistics ensures that customers receive quality service combined with fair pricing by implementing a fair pricing policy.


We are accessible at any time of the day, every day of the year. We adapt in order to respond to the needs of our customers and continuously keep our communication channels. Furthermore, we inform our customers in advance of potential problems and save time by implementing rectifying measures beforehand.