Storage activities constitute the most important and critical part of logistics services. Loads or products have to be safely stored before their arrival at the delivery point and then distributed in accordance with manufacturer’s planning and stock status.


Storage activities which do not operate aligned with logistics processes may lead to delays in the timely delivery of products.


As Fevzi Gandur Logistics, we continue to work in order to demonstrate our transportation quality we have developed for more than 70 years, also in the warehousing service.

We offer an integrated logistic service systematically on behalf of our customers by carrying out the storage and handling services, which are important part of the supply chain management.


In order to minimize the costs of our customers, we have storage facilities for different purposes in many regions in the country.


We offer consolidation, deconsolidation, cross-doc, temporary storage, and value added services in our warehouse in Istanbul Airport and our export warehouse in located close to the customs on the European side of Istanbul.


You can view the services we offer in our warehouses from the relevant pages.

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