Istanbul Airport Warehouse

Time is very important at our operations, thus we, as Fevzi Gandur Logistics, always take our actions with this awareness. In addition to expediting transportation stages, making all kinds of investments that will provide our customers time saving, constitutes the basis of our business philosophy. Based on this business perspective, we have done a warehouse investment at Istanbul Airport. We provide a fast operation process by running warehousing activities, which are of critical importance for the proper execution of logistics processes, with airline transport in an integrated way.


In our Istanbul Airport warehouse, we are able to serve many different industries. From international companies engaged in e-commerce to the automotive industry that needs to dispatched its goods urgently, from healthcare industry to technology, we have a wide range of solutions for different type of business demands.

We also offer services such as handling and packaging in our warehouse where export shipments can be kept until the day/time of the flight.


In our warehouse in Istanbul Airport, one of the world’s largest airports, we provide services with state-of-the-art equipment and technology infrastructure.


Service Offer

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