Air Freight

Airfreight is generally the preferred method of transportation for urgent and important loads, given its speed and reliability. Our valuable agency relations, developed over many years, mean our airfreight volume continues to increase day by day. Thanks to our import consolidation service, our IATA membership, and the value added services we provide in our new airport warehouse, Fevzi Gandur Logistics has emerged as one of the most effective service providers in the sector.

Accurate Service at the Right Time for the Right Price

Air Freight requires the ability to offer services quickly and at the right time for the right price.

At Fevzi Gandur Logistics, our specialist team manages the transportation process for your import and export cargo. We aim to provide the right solutions for all processes ranging from quotation to actual shipment and delivery of the load to its final destination.

Protecting Your Load Against Potential Damages

We protect loads against potential damages by providing air freight insurance during transportation. Fevzi Gandur Logistics believes in facilitating projects as seamlessly as possible, which is why we give our customers additional visibility on operational progress through an instant monitoring and tracking service.


In addition, our specialist teams based at various airports handle unloading, loading, collecting and distributing loads in order to guarantee quality service. They tackle problems and provide services irrespective of scale, from full airplane charters to small parcels.


Simply put, Fevzi Gandur Logistics continues to make a difference in air freight by providing customers with solutions that combine effective cost management, time and route calculations, and the utmost operational reliability.

Our Advantages in Air Freight:

IATA Membership


Collection & Distribution Services


Air Freight Insurance


Monitoring & Tracking


Hazardous Materials


Full or Semi-Charter


Special and Fast Pricing


Specialist Team at Airports

Service Offer

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