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Story of Cyrstalizer

16445 x 8200 x 8467 mm / 1 pc / 77,8 tons

In preparation for this move, a road survey was executed to identify the safest and possible route and a trailer configuration was planned. The cradle required for placing the crystallizer onto the trailer was specially designed and manufactured according to the trailer configuration.


Due to the dimensions there was no possibility to reach any outgoing seaport terminal directly. Therefore we have had to move the cargo to a state owned shipyard and tranship it to a seaport terminal for on-carriage to St. Petersburg.  Due to the oversized nature of the cargo it was necessary to bypass the main roads and use secondary roads, as well as to temporarily lift electricity cables and remove 14 traffic signals. In preparation for this move, the engineering, safety and operations team came together to plan and execute the move.


The weekend before the loading at the state owned shipyard was planned for execution, the pier for loading collapsed and a new pier for loading needed to be found, which resulted in new planning, another survey, and new safety measures to be taken.


From there the cargo was transhipped with a floating crane to the outgoing terminal of Haydarpasa. All services including floating crane, tug boat, and stevedoring were outsourced as the loading facility was not equipped and had never experienced such a shipment in the past

transhipped (1)

Finally the cargo was discharged at the terminal of Haydarpasa and was lifted the day after with a mobile crane and safely loaded to the vessel upon arrival, lashed/secured and delivered to St. Petersburg port in Russia.


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