Fair and Event Logistics

Fair logistics bear great importance for companies participating in fairs to stand out in national and international markets. It is one of the significant stages of the process for companies that focus on promotion of products and services, marketing and improving brand image and that allocate great deal of budgets in this field.

The products that are to be exhibited in the fair should be carried in such a way that the arguments that reflect brand image are not harmed. Transportation and placement of especially large and out-of-gauge loads to and in the exhibition area require a separate expertise and planning.

Fair Logistics with Integrated Solutions

As Fevzi Gandur Logistics, we aim to show our expertise and help you to promote yourself in the best manner possible in all trade fairs organized around the world, notably in Europe.

With our fair logistics service, we organize all logistic procedures of our customers who participate in a fair or event in any country from Turkey in a professional manner and we carry them to the fair ground. We transport them back to the desired point upon the end of the fair. We can use our land, air, sea or intermodal freight solutions in all our operation procedures.

Focus on Your Goal

We serve you with our experienced staff in order to ensure smooth transportation of the loads in fair periods. We can track the loads of our customers throughout the transportation period simultaneously and give real time location information regarding the matter.


Thanks to our global network, we can provide storage and handling services in any point of the world throughout the fair and event.


We have all the equipment and expertise to overcome all the logistic challenges required by the process. We provide not only transportation service in fair and event logistics but also forklift, crane and other special equipment.


Our fair logistics service enables our customers can focus on the most important issue for themselves, which is giving the best presentation during the fair and positioning their brands in the best manner possible.

The services we provide in the area of fair logistics;

  • Transportation in global trade fairs and entry procedures of the products to be exhibited in the country,
  • Preparation of time and process programmes for transportation procedures,
  • Provision of equipment such as forklift, crane, truck and special equipment,
  • Experienced experts with commercial and technical competence who can speak more than one language,
  • Collection, storage and delivery of relevant elements following the fair,
  • Transportation and exhibition insurance,
  • Land, air, sea, train and intermodal freight solutions.

Service Offer

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