Project logistics sometimes means overcoming physical limitations, creating a detailed and creative logistic plan and carrying out of standart freight with out of standart methods. The transportation of outsize cargoes requires a particular set of skills that we have perfected over decades in the business. All our technical know-how in air, sea, and land is brought together when moving these out of gauge pieces, often in complex multi-modal shipments.

Services We Provide In Project Cargo

Project Cargo Transportation has been the most favorite type of business among firms that provide international logistics management services. Project Cargo Transportation requires a more effective operational capability, accretion and logistic ingenuity. When you need our service, we bring all our technical know-how of sea, land and air transportation, put it into action and provide you the best solution mostly by multi-modal transportation method.

Our Difference of Service

The firms who want to do project transportation must have a solid corporate structure. Must have an active presence in Turkey and around the globe. International project transportation requires a special set of skills which we have carried to the perfect level by accumulating knowledge and experience over decades. If needed,we can create new routes from zero, create different transshipment solutions, reconfigure the equipment according to the freight and develop the attribute of these equipment. We have the practice to do so. We belong to a network of specialist partners around the world who are also experts in the transportation of project cargo. Be it a wind turbine, a jet engine, a generator, an electrical transformer, or any oversize or overweight cargo, our project team will deliver an optimal solution from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. We have developed a route planning for each project we successfully managed and cooperated with official authorities to remove obstacles on the route.

Shortly, for a successful and satisfying performance in international project transportation, you need a customized and effective time and scenario management. Exactly for this reason, companies like Fevzi Gandur Lojistik who have years of know-how and experience are successful in problems that require special solutions.