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Values That Makes Fevzi Gandur Logistics The Best In Its Sector

Logistics as you know; Refers to the process of the stages in which the product reaches its final consumer from the first manufacturer. Every phase, from transport to storage, from packaging to distribution, needs to be planned, implemented and controlled accurately and effectively.

As Fevzi Gandur Logistics, we have been planning all the processes for logistics for about 70 years to the tiniest point and we are involved in every stage. Paying attention to the two most important values, “Finding the right solution for you” and “Following a consistent and quality path to provide this solution”; are the most basic success of our story that has been going on for many years is the secret.

We Value Technology and Quality in Logistics Process

The purpose of logistics is to make life easier. As Fevzi Gandur Logistics, we plan and manage our business better by using the latest technology, working with experts and providing integrated logistics service to make your life even easier at all stages of logistics.

We know that in logistics, information management is a sensitive issue, we use the Oracle Transportation Management information management platform. Optimization of all stages of logistics from bidding to billing; GPS tracking system, integration with vehicle telemetry systems are just some of the advantages OTM platform provides to us.

Our aim; We provide correct and uninterrupted information to you in air cargo, international land transport, maritime transportation, contract logistics and domestic transportation operations that we have carried out in more than 90 countries on 7 continents. We also want to mention that; We are the first logistics company to use OTM platform in Turkey.

Besides, we aim to provide quality service every time. We are working on getting ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certification on top of the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certification that we have. We have the TRACE certificate, an international certificate that certifies anti-bribery and anti-corruption approach. Of course, our quality certification process will not be limited to these.

We Offer Integrated Logistics Service

Integrated logistics service concept is actually hidden in the logistics definition. It occurs when more than one of the processes that make up the logistics come together. We adopt a modern approach by integrating our logistics activities and our business systems with our advanced IT solutions and our employees involved in the process to provide the integrated logistics service that is needed. Automation, added value, low risk, traceability and functionality are our values within this approach.

We Value People

The people under our roof are a valuable member of our big family. The point we are most sensitive is to produce together, to achieve together, to fight together for a common purpose, briefly “to be together”.


That is why we are constantly improving and developing. We aim to provide continuous improvement and better service to our customers by taking in-house trainings in different issues such as sales, customer service, and customer communication. We have entered the “Great Place To Work” process, which leads businesses to be the best to become a better company. Because we are happy to develop together.