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A Brand in Logistics Management; Fevzi Gandur

Fevzi Gandur Logistics, which is one step ahead of its competitors in local and international fields, has a distribution network with a wide and deep resources both domestic and abroad. In the field of Logistics Management, Fevzi Gandur family which adopts 7 rights that logistics accommodates as its company vision, has always left happy customers behind by fulfilling the 7 main objectives of logistics. Fevzi Gandur delivers your products  at the right quality, at the right price, at the right time and place, to the right recipient. The continuity of this performance within the scope of the company depends on always improving ourselves in the field of logistics management.

The word logistics originated in Latin, which means “logical calculations” with the combination of Logic and statics. Logistics needs to be managed in order to collect many different jobs underneath and to ensure that deliveries are delivered in a healthy and trouble-free manner. Along with the changes in the century we have lived and the understanding of the value of logistics over the years, the importance of logistics management has been understood and has continued to increase in a direct proportion.

Our Services

Fevzi Gandur Logistics; Keeps, processes, stores, plans, implements and controls all kinds of sending, service or information flow from the starting point to the last point efficiently to meet the needs of the customers by always paying attention customer satisfaction. Logistics does not only mean delivering a cargo to an address, it requires the management of many different areas at the same time. These areas are: Inventory, procurement, demand forecasting, customer, data systems management. Logistics means planning for service provision that we offer and the whole organization, transportation and management activities. Fevzi Gandur Logistics, which knows how important these fields are, is a fast and reliable service provider in logistics management field.

Logistics management is an important process for companies and businesses, and proper planning and management is very important in this process. Without logistics, production, marketing and efficient in international trade is very difficult. Logistics management is of great importance and value to customers.

With Fevzi Gandur Logistics, reaching other continents and countries is now easier than ever. All you need to do is process; contact our company. Then you will have a service that comes up to your door. We provide reliable and efficient transportation and logistics service to every part of the world with our conscious, uncompromising reliability in logistics management and our professional team in the field.