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The Only Address For Land Transportation: Fevzi Gandur Logistics

The most used transportation in the logistics sector is land transportation. The reason for this is that they can carry more loads at the same time, more advantageous especially for short distances, and have features such as non-stop transport.

Land transportation which is one of the Fevzi Gandur logistics services, is preferred by most of our customers. Fevzi Gandur Logistics, which catches modern technology with the solutions it offers, is helping you reach European markets as well as domestic markets.

Advantages  Of Land Transportation

We will count the benefits of land transportation, which is advantageous in other types of transportation but competes with air when it comes to small loads and sea and rail when it comes to big loads.

  • Waiting time at the harbors is lifted and the product reaches the buyer directly. This is the most suitable choice for door to door delivery.
  • Due to the fact that land transport companies are working on orders, products are transported more quickly at short and medium distances.
  • When we consider the geographical conditions, we can say that the transportation network is unlimited.
  • Everything, regardless of the number of products, offers the possibility to transport with appropriate vehicle capacity.
  • The times of arrival and departure can be easily determined. Besides this, 7/24 loading and unloading can be done.


Advantages  Of Fevzi Gandur Land Transportation

We know that about 90% of freight transport in our country is done overland. With this in mind, we continuously improve our land transport service.

  • We provide comprehensive land transport services to 12 different countries as Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark and Tunisia from Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir and Denizli.
  • We are very careful in transporting medicines and similar products and materials. We are measuring the heat of the road by means of our frigirofic vehicles to maintain constant heat.
  • We manage our own fleet of Euro 5, which reduces emissions of carbon emissions in line with European environmental standards, and Euro 6 new generation trailers that reduce noise pollution.
  • We are using the latest technology and working with expert staff with a lot of knowledge and experience.
  • With the Oracle Management System (OMS) information management system, we provide our customers with uninterrupted and accurate information during transport.
  • We remain faithful to our values that we gather under reliability, excellence, continuous learning and innovation.


As a family business that has existed for 70 years, we trust ourselves enough to claim that we will find the best solution for your land transport demands. By quickly addressing your needs and demands, we offer fast and fair price and always provide quality service.