Air Freight

Air Freight is the ideal solution for our customers who need a very quick service, fast turnaround, and short delivery times.

Sea Freight

Sea freight is a cornerstone of international trade. Thanks to decades of experience in Sea Freight, we have a deep understanding of the ocean borne trade, the sea freight market, and strong relationships with ocean carriers. This allows us to find the optimal solution for our customers, at attractive prices.

Land Freight

Overland transport is the preferred logistics solution for many of our customers, combining an end-to-end service, fixed departure times, and defined transit times.

Domestic Land Transport & Distribution

Our domestic land transport and distribution division specializes in the transport of goods between cities in Turkey (Macro Distribution), and within cities (Micro Distribution), from warehouses, distribution centers, and factories, to retailers and distributors all over the country.

Project Cargoes

The transportation of outsized cargoes requires a particular set of skills that we have perfected over decades in the business. All our technical know-how in air, sea, and land is brought to bear when moving these out of gauge pieces, often in complex multi-modal shipments. From road surveys to full/part vessel or airplane charters to port operations, we control the pick up, transport, and delivery of your out-of-gauge cargo from end to end.