About US

We are a family company with more than 60 years history in the shipping and logistics business, strong values, and an excellent reputation in the market place.

We value long term relationships with our partners and customers, based on mutual trust and business excellence.

We don’t view ourselves as a transportation company, but rather as a solution provider for specific business problems. Our mission is to become the chosen partner for companies who want to use their supply chains to better compete in the market place.

The value we create is in our ability to identify the best solution for our customers and to execute that solution to a very high level of quality, consistently. We believe that this approach, as well as our reliability and our core value of transparency make us different from our competitors.

Our medium size gives us great flexibility, keeps us close to our customers, and allows us to respond to our customers’ needs very quickly. Our size also gives us stability, financial strength, and deep resources.