We are moving “pharma products” from their main production sites in Netherlands to Gebze. Transports are made with temperature controlled trucks.

We have been working with them since 2005.

We do all kinds of shipments for Makyol, ie. Shipping Container transportation, Air Cargo transportations, Special Equipment transportations (Algeria and Casablanca Projects). We pick up machinery from different factory addresses in Turkey and carry them with normal container or special equipments (Open top container etc.) to different addresses in Turkey and world. We also do Air Cargo transportations (Alger&Oran Airport deliveries). We also do inland (within Turkey) Project transportation fort hem (Sakarya –Antalya Expo Construction Cable channel transportation).

We have been working with them since 2001.

We do frozen food transportation for UNO. This is a macro transportation project. We deliver their frozen products from production center to the regional distribution locations all over Turkey. All products are carried with specially equipped vehicles (Thermo King treylers and data logger equipments). All our deliveries for UNO are “time definite”. Again, through OTM we provide excellent vehicle supply and we managed to bring wastage/damage rate to 0.

We carry their products between factory and warehouse and distributors in more than 15 cities and 200 locations. We make 300.000 km average monthly. We can do simoultaneous order/delivery management and follow the trucks through our order management system which is integrated with OTM. We have created customer happiness and cost reductions with our route optimization projects. Late deliveries have improved almost 100 % since we started working with them.

We have been working with them since July 2016.

kizilayWe transport spring water and carbonated drinks from their production sites and carry to all the distributors in Turkey. We do route plannings, route optimization and simultaneous order/delivery management. We work like their after sales support department with almost 100 % truck supply and delivery performance.

We have been working with them since January 2011.

thyWe carry air plane spare parts and engine parts in all over Turkey and the world with our dedicated operations fleet, running against time between airports and maintenance centers. We use OTM to inform the airline on time and complete delivery information. We have 450 truck movement/month.

We have been working with them since December 2015.